Eden’s Garden

Eden Gardens are located in the town of Ischia Porto, in the beautiful village of Carta Romana.  The surroundings are peaceful and relaxing with the beautiful Castle in the background.  The gardens have five geothermic pools with temperatures that range from 28 to 40 degrees, you can also benefit from the sunbeds with umbrellas near the sea.  You can taste the delicacies of the sea at the restuarant, for lunch or dinner.  It is a unique experience to eat in the middle of the sea on a rock, with the view of ‘Aragonese Castle’.

How to get to Eden gardens

Eden gardens and pools  is in the town of Ischia Porto, in the village of Cartoromana, 3km from the port. It’s easy to get here by bus, by small boat from Ischia Ponte and by car. Just follow the main road in the town of Ischia and for the sign that says ‘Cartaromanoa.  If you wish to use the car you can leave it in a parking place.  With the bus you need to get C12 and C13, the bus stop is right outside the entrance of the park .

Times, passes/season tickets from

29th of April to 31st of May

18th of September to 1st of October

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