Thermal Gardens Aphrodite

The Thermal Park is located in one of the most evocative places on the island of Ischia, the enchanting Sant’Angelo, a place where you can forget about the stress and hassle of everyday life. 

This is a true rarity of beauty and peace.

After a short but pleasant walk, or the use of a boat-taxi that will pick you up from the port of Sant’Angelo in just five minutes.


The Aphrodite pools promises you a corner of paradise and wellness, the nature is untouched and you will be surrounded by a breathtaking view.

The terraces leads you towards the sea and will offer you a wellness path through twelve different pools with water from temperatures ranging from 20 to 42°C, two Olympic swimming pools and a deck with whirlpool. All pools are naturally fed by thermal waters and are not subject to the addition of chlorine so as to keep intact the therapeutic properties of water and guarantee the best benefits to you that you want to use them. There is a snack bar, a restaurant with extraordinary views of Sant’Angelo and opening soon a new games area for children which will include a separate lawn to play and a swimming pool. These are just some of the services offered. And to really pamper yourself, without limits, there is the wonderful sauna set in a natural cave and the beauty center where you can allow masseurs and beauticians take care of your body.



How to reach the Thermal Gardens Aphrodite

The Aphrodite Thermal Park is located in the town of Serrara Fontata or in the hamlet of Sant’Angelo, just 15 km from the port of Ischia. It is easily accessible  by bus or by car along the main road that surrounds the island. For those who prefer to come by car, you can park  in one of the car parks before the pedestrian zone and then walk for about 10 minutes. By bus, the bus stop is at the entrance to the park and the route is covered by the lines CD, CS (Sant’Angelo stop).

Date and opening hours

From 12/04 to 15/10 from 9 a.m to 7 p.m

Tickets € 27.00 – € 23.50 reduced after 1 p.m

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