Nitrodi Spring

Nitrodi springs are located in the town of Barano, precisely in the village of Buonopane; it is well know by lslanders and tourists thanks to it’s therapeutical properties in the water. Nitrodi is different from the other thermal parks in that there are no pools here, there are only showers. The thermal waters benefit your skin, after just a few showers you can feel softer skin. People with problems such as: psoriasis, burnt skin rheumatism, arthrosis and stomach ulcer come to the springs for the cure and to buy the beauty products made from the mud and water of Nitrodi.

The water of the spring is certified as mineral (earthy, bicarbonate, sulphate and alkaline) and hypothermal. Among the main components: sodium, chlorine, calcium,carbon and sulphur.

The properties of these waters were used by the ancient Greeks that built a temple in honor of Apollo and Nymphs.

The properties of Nitrodi Springs

* To improve and regulate kidney functionality

* Has remarkable anti-uric properties

* Used for arthropathy

* To cure gastritis with healthy water to reduce the hypochlordhydria

* It’s a good for gastroduodenal ulcers

* It has healing properties

* It heals internal ulcers, sores and boils etc.

* It makes the skin healthy, smooth and glowing.


How to get to  Nitrodi Springs

Nitrodi Springs are located in the village of Buonopane in the town of Barano. It can be reached just by following the main street of the island; nearby  there is also a parking area. By bus the lines are CD, CS and in the summer from Maronti beach also the line 11.

From the bridge continue by the steps and in a few minutes you will be at the Springs.


Dates and opening times

From 12/04 to 15/10 from 9.00 a.m to 7.00 p.m

Ticket is € 27,00 full price; €23,50 reduced


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