Schedule Ferries and Hydrofoil

You can reach Ischia from Beverello harbour of Napales. Alilauro and Caremar hydrofoil time tables can be checked on the website: or or Porta di Massa harbour only by ferry or

The villages of Ischia: Panza

Panza is a village, which you must pass through to get to Sant’Angelo.  Panza is famous for the presence of ‘Pietratorcia’ and D’ambra’, two great wine makers in this territory. (more…)

The Diocesano Museum

You can find thi museum at Ischia Ponte, to be precise in the “Palazzo del Seminario” where you can admire a series of religious antique finds, such as marble scultures, paintings, silver and clothes belonging to all the diocese from Ischia in particular the antique Cathedral. (more…)

The Antoniana’s Library

The Library one of the largest and oldest of the island of Ischia is located in the town of Ischia Porto exactly next to the church of Sant’Antonio on the seafront of the Mandra beach. Read more...

Ravino’s Garden

The Ravino gardens were started as a private garden, and then was opened to the public. Situated in the village of Citara in Forio this private collection of cactus plants is the largest in  Europe.  Read more...

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