Archaeological museum of Pithecusa Villa Arbusto

One of the most beautiful museums of Ischia is “Villa Arbusto”.  Located in the town of Lacco Ameno once a private villa of the famous publisher and film producer Angelo Rizzoli, promoter of Ischia tourism.

The museum gives you the opportunity to discover from prehistory to the Roman colonization.  On the lower floor there is a geological section which explains how the volcanic events affected the life of the people in Ischia. There are findings of the middle and last Neolithic period from ceramic and rock materials, dating from the bronze and iron age.  One of the most important discoveries were made on the digs of Giorgio Buchner who found the antique cup “Coppa di Nestore”.  The writings on the cup dates from the 8th century b.c., the most antique writings in euboic alphabet present in any history books.

How to get to Villa Arbusto

The museum is in the town of Lacco Ameno, about 6 km from Ischia Porto. It’s easy to get here by bus or car following the main road that circles the island. If you want to go by car the museum has a car park available. By bus take either CD, CS, 1,2 or 3.

Dates and opening times

From 14/04 to 15/10 /2018,  from 9.30 a.m  to 1.30 pm.

Monday the museum is closed


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