The villages of Ischia: Panza

Panza is a village, which you must pass through to get to Sant’Angelo.  Panza is famous for the presence of ‘Pietratorcia’ and D’ambra’, two great wine makers in this territory.

Panza is also famous for three places,not to miss: Sorgeto, Scannella and Bocca di Tifeo.

For Sorgeto follow the signs, on arriving there, you will find 200 steps leading to the rock pools, whose thermal water mix with the sea, here you can emerse and relax.

Scannella situated between Punta imperatore and the Monte di Panza.  To get there you need to go down 300 steps this is adjacent to hotel St. Leonard.  Once you get here, the only noise you can here is the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks and seagulls calling. You can see the famous rock in the middle of the sea “lo scoglio della nave” (the rock of a ship). Given this name because it looks like a ship that is sinking.  Also there is the famous “ Mavone cave” on the beach.

Bocca di Tifeo (mouth of Tifeo) named after the big “tuff rock” that has a hole where vulcanic steam comes out, it seems like  the mouth of the giant Tifeo. An ancient Greek legend tells that after he was defeated by Zeus the giant Tifeo was trapped under the island. To get here you need to go through Piana di Montecorvo and follow the road Pietra Box, you know you have reached your destination when you see the big “tuff rock” and you can admire the breath-taking views of Punta Imperatore.


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