The spring “Olmitello”has healing and healthy properties.  It is where “Nitrodi springs” flows into.  Even though its waters are slightly more mineral and are highly diuretic. The quality of these waters were well known in ancient times especially for its therapeutic properties which were called “divine nature”.  Many studies have been made over the years of these waters.  The most important being that of Doctor Giulio Jasolino, who even in 1588 listed the benefits of these waters  for the stomach, eyes, gallstones, palpatations , fever,  arthritis and many other ailments.

How to get to Olmitello

The springs of “ Olmitello” are on the beach of Maronti, in Barano.  If you go by car, follow the road around the island until you see the sign for Maront, just before Barano. You will find plenty of parking places.  By bus take number 5 or from Sant Angelo why not try the taxi boat.


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