Sorgeto Beach

Sorgeto is an inlet that is located near Sant’Angelo reachable through Panza, home to a real natural and free outdoor spa pools. Sources of hot and mineral waters, sauna and therapeutic vapors, here you can certainly regenerate from stress and daily fatigue.

In one of the many small pools from which the thermal waters flow,  the water is so hot you can cook eggs, potatoes and seafood, a custom that will certainly leave you with good memories. The most fascinating characteristic of the spring is the chance to go in the hot water  at night, you can watch the stars, you can relax and spend unforgettable moments even in the coldest periods like winter.


How to get to the beach

The bay of Sorgeto is located in the town of Forio, just a short distance from the hamlet of Panza. With bus lines 1 – CD – CS – 23, you can get to a certain point and then you have to walk for about 15 min. If you prefer to travel by car, you will arrive right near the bay, where there is a convenient parking. You will then have to go down about 230 steps. From S. Angelo it is possible to reach it also with the famous Taxi boat. The bay, does not look like the classic sandy beaches, but there are only pebbles and rocks.

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