Direct Transfer From Rome

Transfer from Rome to Ischia place of final destination with private taxi (included in the service: taxi, ferry tickets, baggage ticket).

One of our drivers will pick you up from Rome or in a nearby location, you will recognize it from the sign on the windshield with your name written will take care of taking your luggage, will arrange the baggage in the private taxi and together you will head to the first available ferry for Ischia that can start from Napoli Calata di Massa or Pozzuoli. Once on board, you will be free to turn the ship while your luggage will remain in the private taxi.

Arrived in Ischia that can be Ischia Porto or Casamicciola will accompany you to the final destination. Once you arrive at your destination the driver will take care of arranging your luggage at the point indicated by you. In order to better organize the transfer service we need the following data:

from the airport (flight number, origin and landing time);
from the Central Station (train number, origin and carriage);
from Rome the exact pick-up point (Hotel / Residence or BB) telephone number of the structure;
private cell phone number.

In the event that you will suffer any delays or cancellations it will be your concern to inform us directly or to the driver in charge of picking it up, you will receive the mobile number the day before the departure.

They are divided into Individuals from 1 to 4 people, Groups more than 4 people

Travel times


Rome – Pozzuoli about 150 min

Rome – Massa di Massa about 170 min


Ferry Molo Beverello – Ischia 1hr and about 20 min

Ferry Molo Beverello – Casamicciola 1hr and 30 min

Ferry Pozzuoli – Ischia 1 hr approx

Ferry Pozzuoli – Casamicciola 1 hr and about 10 min


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