A day on a fishermans boat trip around the island

For a unique experience take a trip around the island aboard a fishermen’s boat. Built from wood by the fishermen, a tradition handed down from father to son. It’s a fantastic experience, a day on a boat discovering the beauty of the island by sea. Stopping at small coves not accessible by foot. You can relax in the hot springs at Sorgeto, the water at 90 degrees C.  mixes with the sea water and you can feel the different temperatures from hot to warm, moving around in the rock pools. There is also a wooden pier where you can get to the restaurant and the beach, renting deck chairs or sunbeds, while you wait for a lunch of fresh fish. Crystal clear waters which vary from cobalt blue to emerald green. Swimming with a mask you can see, emerging from the coves, the famous “Poseidona”, the green algae which grows around the castle, the volcanic bubbles that rise to the surface like a natural hydromassage. This is an experience not to be missed.


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A fantastic experience a day by boat discovering the beauties of the island from the sea, in fact an island is to be discovered especially by sea.

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