Winery “D’Ambra”

The wine

The current processes of vinification and aging have helped to enhance the two characteristics of D’Ambra wines: the delicacy of aromas and the taste that has always been called “almond”. Since 1966 the wines of Ischia have been recognized (thanks to the initiative of the Mario brothers, Michele, Salvatore) wines with denomination of controlled origin. Subsequently, the new names extended the protection to the most widespread vines, ie Biancolella, Forastera and Per”e Palummo. The cellar, a building set in a natural amphitheater on the slopes of Mount Epomeo, is spread over an area of ​​3500 square meters. Inside there are all the phases of production: vinification, the cellar with steel tanks, the small and large barrels for refining red wine, bottling and the warehouse of finished products. It is conditioned with optimal wine temperature. The working capacity of the grapes is 800 quintals per day for whites and 250 quintals for reds. The cellar capacity is 10,000 hectoliters in steel and 300 hl in wood. The bottling line allows an hourly production of 3000 bottles.

Le Wineyard

Every year Casa D’Ambra buys about 5,000 quintals of grapes from 150 Ischia wine growers, of which 120 are members of the Cooperative. The vineyards owned by the company are four hectares in the Frassitelli area, one hectare in the Montecorvo area. Moreover Casa D’Ambra has 6 hectares in the best areas of the island together with local winemakers. The company decidedly focuses on local grape varieties: biancolella, forastera, uvarilla (white) and piedirosso and guarnaccia (red). Furthermore, as a testimony of a focus on improving the quality of the grapes and homologation of the old varieties, an experimental field was established in 1995, a sort of genetic bank for the resumption of the disappeared varieties, implanted in the Frassitelli estate. Thus Guarnaccia and Guarnaccello, the Coda Cavallo and Streppa rossa, Rillottola and the Don Lunardo, and then the Catalanesca, the Uva romana, the Uva procidana, and the Uva coglionara, will be able to return to live in the Ischian wine scene. The harvest begins around 20 September and lasts until 10 October: due to differences in the quality of the vineyards and their location, the maturing periods vary, but this does not prevent the production of balanced wines every year. Grape harvesting is manual and – to ensure its integrity – it is transported in small crates. Production operations, from the vineyard to the bottling, are personally followed by the oenologist and current owner Andrea D’Ambra.

White wines

Frassitelli – Pietra Martone – Forastera – Biancolella – Ischia Bianco -Falanghina – Gocce D’Ambra

Red wines

Mario D’Ambra – Per’e Palummo – Aglianico – La Vigna dei Mille Anni

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