The municipalities of Ischia: Serrara Fontana

Serrara Fontana is a town divided in two, as the name says, Serrara and Fontana.  It stretches from the mountain of Epomea to Sant’angelo.  Fontana is the highest of the two at 450 meters high and from here you can walk up to Epomea at 787 meters,  where you can see beautiful views of the whole island or watch the sunrise and set, it’s an unique experience.  From Sant’angelo you can admire small villages such as ‘Ciglio’ with the unusual  houses in the rock.  The most famous is l’arca, where a small restaurant was dug out of the inside of a large calcareous rock.  Serrara is mostly an agricultural town, here you can also get a breathtaking view of San’angelo, the Amalfi coast and  Capri.

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